4 Pizza Toppings To Try If You’re Feeling Adventurous

A lot of things are uncertain right now, and our way of life has changed. Nobody’s sure how long things will be this way, but at Backcountry Pizza, we’re determined to be there for you as much as we can. You can still get pizza in Boulder through pickup and delivery, made safe with our enhanced sanitization methods and delivery system. If you’re thinking about being extra adventurous with your pizza toppings, now is the time to do it. May we offer a few suggestions? 

Spice Things Up With Jalapenos

Maybe pepperoni just isn’t spicy enough for you these days, or maybe you just want a more unusual topping for your pizza. So if you’re ordering pizza in Boulder and want to spice things up, add some jalapenos. With just a few jalapenos, you can add a ton of heat and flavor to your pizza. 

Get Nutty With Pine Nuts

Maybe you’ve added some crunchy vegetables to your pizza before, but with pizza in Boulder you can take that crunch up a notch. If you really like a mixture of taste and texture on your pizza, then add some pine nuts. It’s not most people’s go-to pizza topping, but for those who have tried pine nuts on pizza, it just makes sense. Pine nuts are simple, not overpowering, and they add just enough texture to keep things interesting. Anyone who gives you weird looks doesn’t know what they’re missing!

Fried Chicken?

Yes, fried chicken! Hear us out. You’ve heard of grilled chicken on pizza (and we definitely offer that too), but fried chicken on pizza delivers two of the best meals into one by combining the tastes and textures of your favorite dinners. 

Vegan Cheese

Okay, let’s say you want to go in the opposite direction. If you’ve always wanted to try going vegan but didn’t know where to start, now’s your chance. Vegan cheese is more delicious than a lot of people realize. Still not sure? Then why not start small? Then you’ll get an idea of the flavor before you fully dive in. 

Pizza In Boulder

Even in our “new normal,” you can still get pizza in Boulder. We appreciate you, we’re still here for you, and we’ll be here for you when it’s safe to reopen. In the meantime, we’re happy to keep providing you with the food you love with pickups and deliveries. Call or order online now.

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