Adventurous Options: When You Want More Than Ordinary

What’s your favorite Boulder pizza restaurant? If you haven’t tried Backcountry Pizza yet (or you’re a regular but want to expand your enjoyment with us), you are in for a treat.

Backcountry has many unique pizza options that are perfect for the adventurous eater. If you are seeking a bigger variety than simply a “cheese pizza” or “pepperoni pizza,” you’ll love our diverse pizza menu!

Here are four adventurous pizza options to try at Backcountry.

Meat Grinder

This pizza is perfect for the meat lover. It contains four different types of meat including pepperoni, Canadian bacon, ground beef, and sausage. What a great way to enjoy a bunch of tasty meats on one delicious pizza!

Mt. Hawaiian

A twist on the traditional Hawaiian pizza, the Mt. Hawaiian includes jalapeno paired with pineapple and Canadian bacon toppings. If you are craving a “savory and sweet” combination (and with some spice to boot), this is the pizza for you.


It can be difficult for a vegan to order pizza in many restaurants. Not at Backcountry! We’ve got you covered with a vegan pizza topped with spinach, mushrooms, garlic, Roma tomatoes, black olives, and most importantly: no cheese! If you are a vegan, you’ll be thrilled to enjoy what makes our pizza so great, but without the dairy.

Build Your Own

Get as adventurous as you want at Backcountry with our “build your own pizza” section of the menu. Pick from traditional toppings such as bacon, pepperoni, olives, and peppers. Next, check out our premium toppings and add items like fried chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, or feta. Finally, pick between a red, white, buffalo, BBQ, or pesto sauce. Try out different combinations every time you eat at Backcountry until you create the pizza of your dreams.

Backcountry is a Boulder pizza restaurant and tap house where you can enjoy traditional pizzas, adventurous pizzas, customized (“make your own”) pizzas, and with your vegan friends!

But we are more than “just pizza.” While at Backcountry, don’t forget to try a microbrew. Backcountry offers Boulder’s widest selection of draft microbrews, so there are plenty of options to go along with your pizza. For more questions about the menu (which has many other non-pizza options), happy hour, and our daily specials, contact Backcountry Pizza today.

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